Mark C Baldwin
Mark C Baldwin

Welcome to My Everything Digital Blog

I have had some time to think about what I want in a blog, a second blog that is. I’m starting fresh, with all of the content here. What was once the center for all of my accomplishments with my last site is now only a memory due to an issue with GoDaddy. No worries, I’m on FatCow now and I highly recommend them.

So what do I enjoy writing about that will help me establish readership? Well I’m versed in many things digital and have a unique skill set that allows me to offer a unique perspective in marketing, design, and technology. I hope you enjoy the little nuggets I share from time to time. Please subscribe by following me on Twitter, Google+, and Linked In.

Mark Baldwin
written by: Mark Baldwin
Mark Baldwin is the Digital Services Manager at Valpak in St. Petersburg, FL. He received his Bachelor of Science degree in Internet Marketing from Full Sail University and holds certifications in Google AdWords and Google Analytics. He’s an award winning web designer who started coding in 1999 and is passionate about all things tech and digital. Mark works on the digital product team managing the development of our advertiser reporting platform, Website Design, SEM, SEO and Social Media Services.
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