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Choosing What Content Objects to Put on a Landing Page
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Lead Generation Tactics For Your Landing Page
E-Commerce Landing Page Content Check List
Blog Post as a Landing Page
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Snowboarding Whistler Canada
Our Pacific Coast Highway Trip
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HOW TO: Amazon s3 Backup Solution for Cpanel

Choosing What Content Objects to Put on a Landing Page

Now that you have identified your goals and objectives, you are ready to start creating the landing page.

I like to initiate the design process with a content object brainstorming session. Where I think about and write down all the objects that will help support my primary goal and drive conversion.

What Are Content Objects?

Content objects are individual elements that make up a page. On a landing page, they are the page objects that are essential in driving conversion or action.

Example lead generation content objects you SHOULD use:

  • Headline
  • Call to Action
  • Logo
  • Imagery
  • Phone Number
  • Web Form
  • Privacy information
  • Supporting Message

What content objects do you need on the page to achieve your goals and objectives? You’ll notice that some landing pages contain content objects that don’t support the goals and objectives. Take a second and do a search on Google, click on a few ads, and try to determine the primary goal of their landing page. Look at the content objects on the page and see how they do and do not support the goal.

Example lead generation content objects you SHOULD NOT use:

  • Navigation Links to Other Pages
  • Excessive Form Options
  • Excessive Text
  • Excessive Pictures

While these should not be used on a lead generation landing page, they are used on a blog posts.

mobile desktop landing page

NOTE: Make sure you consider the content objects you will need for a mobile and desktop landing page. Many times, the content objects you determine for desktop computers will be different than mobile devices. Both should have a set of essential content objects needed to achieve conversion. Think about consumer  behavior on mobile and the content objects needed to convert on mobile devices.

E-Commerce Landing Page Content Check List

Many ecommerce sites spend time making tweaks to their homepage, but often overlook the importance of a well designed product page.

Finding the best way to showcase and explain your product will make all the difference. I’m talking about the difference between visitors making a purchase or looking elsewhere.

Some features on a product page will vary based on your industry and what you’re selling, but this checklist is served to cover the important elements to driving conversion.

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Snowboarding Whistler Canada

Snowboarding Whistler – Blackcomb mountain in Canada was a dream of mine as a child. This past March I was able to fulfill that dream with my lovely wife and my buddies. The snow wasn’t great, no fault of the mountain. It just hadn’t snowed that much on the west coast. We ended up getting a bunch of days with the sun out making the sunny part of the mountain incredible. The way it was supposed to be. Aside from the snow, the views were picturesque and jaw dropping. We ended up getting some quality time on the slopes as you’ll see in the video above. The video was shot on my iPhone 6 plus. The image stabilization built into the iPhone 6 is just incredible. Enjoy.

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Our Pacific Coast Highway Trip

This is the first video from my new Canon T3i DSLR camera. Deanna and I flew out to California on August 21st for a trip up the Pacific Coast Highway. With 6 days to blaze the trail, we managed to travel over 1300 miles. The views were amazing and the weather was perfect. Driving up the Pacific coast highway is something everyone should do once in their life, it’s spectacular.

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HOW TO: Amazon s3 Backup Solution for Cpanel

I just got done telling my Fiance’ how excited I am for my new cPanel/Amazon backup configuration. Imagine hosting multiple sites and not having a reliable backup? Well I can tell you that I have been burned by faulty backups with my past web host. Lets just say this site ( was full of content.  That is, until my shared hosting disappeared and landed somewhere in the bit bucket. When you have multiple sites, you need a professional web hosting solution. While I’ve used cPanel in the past, I never really wanted to make the jump because it increased costs significantly. Today I only pay $20 per month for full blown VPS with cPanel and WHM which is much cheaper than what I would have paid in the past.

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