Mark C Baldwin
Mark C Baldwin

Our Pacific Coast Highway Trip


This is the first video from my new Canon T3i DSLR camera. Deanna and I flew out to California on August 21st for a trip up the Pacific Coast Highway. With 6 days to blaze the trail, we managed to travel over 1300 miles. The views were amazing and the weather was perfect. Driving up the Pacific coast highway is something everyone should do once in their life, it’s spectacular.

Day 1: Los Angeles

Day 2: Morro Bay

Day 3: Monterey Bay

Day 4: Yosemite National Park

Day 5: Napa Valley

Day 6: San Francisco


Mark Baldwin
written by: Mark Baldwin
Mark Baldwin is the Digital Services Manager at Valpak in St. Petersburg, FL. He received his Bachelor of Science degree in Internet Marketing from Full Sail University and holds certifications in Google AdWords and Google Analytics. He’s an award winning web designer who started coding in 1999 and is passionate about all things tech and digital. Mark works on the digital product team managing the development of our advertiser reporting platform, Website Design, SEM, SEO and Social Media Services.


  • Hi Hon, your video of the California trip was amazing and left me wanting more, it actually brought tears to my eyes when the music started. Very lovely video and beautifully done!!!

    Love you guys and can’t wait to see more!


  • The video was beautiful. I loved the whales. The trip was a life time experience and you got to enjoy it together. It is one if my experiences for you to enjoy in your life. Life is shot so live it to the fullest…..

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