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Mark C Baldwin
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New E-Book: The Landing Page Guide – A Conversion Experience


I’m excited to announce, after many months of writing and designing, that The Landing Page Guide – A Conversion Experience is now available! I am providing the E-book as a free download. All I ask is that you share it on your favorite social network.

Thank you for your interest in The Landing Page Guide!

This guide was written to help those who are involved with landing pages consider the core components of the lifecycle.

My goal is to get this free guide in the hands of people all over the world. Please help by sharing this the URL on your favorite social media site!

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About Mark

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Mark received his Bachelor of Science degree in Internet Marketing from Full Sail University and holds certifications in Google AdWords and Google Analytics. He is an award-winning web usability/interface designer who started coding in 1999 and has managed over $8.7 Million in Ad Spend generating thousands of leads.

Table of Contents

  1. Who is this guide For? (Everyone Involved)
  2. Landing Page Types (Beyond Lead Generations)
  3. Planning For Conversion (The Most Important Step)
  4. Design & Development (Creation To Launch)
  5. Conversion Psychology (Influencing Consumers)
  6. Analytics & KPI’s (Data Driven Decisions)
  7. Landing Page Testing (Landing Page Science)
  8. Conversion Optimization (Increasing Conversion Rate)


Who is this landing page guide For?

Marketers, Creatives, Developers, Analysts, & Project Managers, who play a part or are interested in all aspects of the landing page lifecycle. From an expert with over thirteen years of experience creating and optimizing landing pages. By the end you will have the knowledge required to get started, create, manage, and optimize a world class landing page!

As digital marketing continues to become a more integral part of a marketer’s day-to-day work life, their reliance on landing pages will become greater. One of the most important components in a digital marketing campaign is the landing page. A thought out landing page can convince consumers to take action that results in revenue generation. If implemented incorrectly, a landing page could be a costly failure that never allows the campaign to reach its full potential. The goal of this book is to provide you with the information needed to efficiently execute your landing page strategy and make your campaign profitable. You will not get a deep dive with this guide but you will get a complete overview that covers the essentials of the landing page lifecycle.

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Landing Page Philosophy

landing page philosophy

Essentially every web page is a landing page. The philosophical thought represented through out this guide assumes that ever web page is a landing page and that every landing page has a specific goal in which the creator wants a user to achieve. This guide will provide you with the essential steps one might take to maximize landing page effectiveness. Because of the time commitment required to apply this philosophy and the monetary value of each page, this guide will only focus on tactics or ideas that will generate revenue.

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Mark Baldwin
written by: Mark Baldwin
Mark Baldwin is the Digital Services Manager at Valpak in St. Petersburg, FL. He received his Bachelor of Science degree in Internet Marketing from Full Sail University and holds certifications in Google AdWords and Google Analytics. He’s an award winning web designer who started coding in 1999 and is passionate about all things tech and digital. Mark works on the digital product team managing the development of our advertiser reporting platform, Website Design, SEM, SEO and Social Media Services.
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