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Mark C Baldwin
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Blog Post as a Landing Page


While the primary goal of a blog post is to provide information, you can get consumers to take action using landing page tactics that will make your blog post generate revenue and enhance brand recognition.

Once digital marketers realized the SEO and Social Media value of blog posts, businesses started to use them as a way to drive traffic to the website. Search Engines just love to rank optimized blogs in the search engine results page, and consumers love to share them on their favorite social media site(s). The tactic used by marketers to write blog posts, so they show up in search engines and get shared on social media sites is known as content marketing.

The goal of content marketing is to reach consumers and influence them by creating awareness through education. It is important not to lose sight of this.

Because blog posts drive valuable traffic, marketers should enable users to take action. Look at each blog post and think “What do I want my user to do?”, “What action do I want my user to take?”.

Here are some example actions consumers can take while visiting a blog post:
Share the Blog Post

Make it easy for a user to share the blog post on a social network. If the content is great and I mean GREAT, then it is possible it goes viral. The goal here is to increase page views and brand recognition.

Subscribe to a Newsletter

Many users want to receive email. If you write great content, they will want it delivered straight to their inbox.

Click on Ads

Place display ads on your blog posts to monetize the content. Get paid when someone clicks or views the ad.

Click on Affiliate Links

Affiliate links are another way to monetize the content. Generate revenue when a consumer takes action on another site.

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Mark Baldwin
written by: Mark Baldwin
Mark Baldwin is the Digital Services Manager at Valpak in St. Petersburg, FL. He received his Bachelor of Science degree in Internet Marketing from Full Sail University and holds certifications in Google AdWords and Google Analytics. He’s an award winning web designer who started coding in 1999 and is passionate about all things tech and digital. Mark works on the digital product team managing the development of our advertiser reporting platform, Website Design, SEM, SEO and Social Media Services.
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