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Mark C Baldwin
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E-Commerce Landing Page Content Check List


Many ecommerce sites spend time making tweaks to their homepage, but often overlook the importance of a well designed product page.

Finding the best way to showcase and explain your product will make all the difference. I’m talking about the difference between visitors making a purchase or looking elsewhere.

Some features on a product page will vary based on your industry and what you’re selling, but this checklist is served to cover the important elements to driving conversion.

Product Page Checklist:
Product Name

Have a short and sweet product name that summarizes the product well while also making it easy enough for consumers to quickly understand what the product is.


Make sure the price is clearly stated on the page. If there are any sales or markdowns on the product, encourage conversion by showing consumers the original price against the marked down price.


Be sure to let customers know when there is no longer inventory on the product page and give them a reason for continuing to shop with you.

Images & Video

Be sure to have a few good images on the product page. Imagery is one of the most important page elements consumers need to convert. While images are an absolute must demoing the product via video is a differentiator.

Add to Cart

Make the “add to cart” button stand out. Try distinguishing it from the other elements on the page with bold text and contrasting color.

Product Detail

It’s all in the details. Some customers care about one piece of information more so than another. Play it safe by providing all crucial details of the product like material, dimensions, weight, washing directions, etc.

Ratings & Reviews

Display the average star rating and number of reviews somewhere near the top of the page.

Payment Methods

This doesn’t have to be prominent on the page but you should call out the payment methods for those customers that need to know.

Shipping Methods

Have shipping fees, shipping options and estimated delivery times available on the product page.

Return Policy

One of the most common question from a new customer is the return policy. Customers want to know how easy and affordable the return policy is when shopping on a new ecommerce site.

Social Sharing

Customers use social media to share with their friends or bookmark it for later using Pinterest. Be sure to make sharing the product on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ and email easy for customers.

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